A free pattern by GhostieOllieCrochet
A little ghost to sit on your shelf! He’s got dangly legs and an egg shape 🙂

For the reference pictures I used Bravo yarn and a 4.5 and 5.0mm hook. Different yarn and hooksizes will lead to a differently sized friend!

Terms and abbreviations used:
Mc – Magic Circle
Sc – Single Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
FL – Front loops only
SL – Slip stitchC1,C2,C3 – Colour 1,2,3
These are the american terms

This pattern uses 2 colours
1 – white
2 – black
I also used pink scrap for blush

Main body C1

1. Mc 6

2. Inc *6 (12)

3. Inc, sc *6 (18)

4. Inc, 2sc *6 (24)

5-14. Sc in all stitches (24) (10 rows)

15. FL 3sc, inc (30)

16. (both loops again)  3sc, 3 stitch cluster, (4sc, 3 stitch cluster) *5, sc (42)

Sl and cut end

Insert eyes and embroider facial details now -> guesstimate an eye placement based on the expression you want your ghost to have.

Butt C1

(0.5mm down in hooksize for an actual butt shape, if you want your friend to have a flat booty keep the same)

1. Mc 6)

2. Inc *6 (12)

3. Inc, sc *6 (18)

4. Inc, 2sc *6 (24)

Sl cut leave end for sewing

Leggies (make 2) C2

Chain 10

Dc decrease, SL into the same stich, sew the end into the created foot to hide it

Attach leggies to the butt 

Stuff ghost

Sew butt to body in the back loops of row 15

Now your friend is done! Place them on a ledge to have their leggies dangle 😀

Please do not copy or repost this pattern. 

You are free to post pictures of, gift or sell the finished product. Credit to @ghostieolliecrochet or www.ghostieolliecrochet.nl is greatly appreciated.

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