A free pattern by GhostieOllieCrochet

For the reference pictures I used Panduro Cotton and a 2.5 millimetre hook. Different yarn or
hooksizes will lead to a differently sized Perry.
I do not recommend using a 2.5mm if this is one of your first amigurumi, as it can be very

Terms and abbreviations used:
Mc – Magic Circle
Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
C1,C2,C3 – Colour 1,2,3
Slip Stitch and sewing/embroidery

These are the American terms

This pattern uses 3 colours
1 – turquoise
2 – orange
3 – brown
Black scrap-yarn may be used for embroidery on the hat or for the eyes

Beak C2

Tightly chain 5

Cut the yarn end and pull through

You will now have a thin strip like so:

Tail C2

1. Chain 8

2. Sc 2, hdc 2, dc 2 – Dc 4 in the final chain, continue on the other side of the chains   Dc 2, hdc 2, sc 1, slipstitch close

Work the end from the starting chain away the second pass, at the point where the picture shows you can hold it along your stitches. If this is confusing or challenging just weave it in with a darning needle at the end.

Body C1

1. Mc 6

2. Inc *6 (12)

3. Inc, sc *6 (18)

4. Inc, 2sc *6 (24)

5-9. Sc all around (5 rounds)

Attach the beak and between rounds 7 and 8

Add eyes next to the beak, either small safety eyes, beads or embroidery. Spacing to preference and for level of derp wanted.

[If you want to use your Perry as a keychain add a loop through the center of the beginning circle here too]

10-13. Sc all around

14. Dec, 2sc *6 (18)

Attach the tail on the opposite side of the beak and eyes between rounds 13 and 14

Embroider two little feet on the front between rounds 13 and 14, a single string across a stitch works fine, double up if you want the feet to be more visible. 

Stuff platypus

15. Dec, sc*6 (12)

16. Dec *6 (6) 

Slipstich closed, sew up any remaining butt-gap

Hat C3

  1. Mc 5
  2. Inc *5 (10)
  3. Sc backloops only (10)
  4. Sc all around
  5. In frontloops only: inc, Sc *5 (15)

Slipstich closed.

If you wish to be fancy for the hat you could attach a black string around the brim to have the fedora look, but this is not necessary for your Perry to be recognisable.

[for the hat also add a loop through the beginning mc, you now have two parts to hang on your keys and you can put the hat on the platypus when showing off your friend!]

Fun pro-tip this plush and hat combo also works as earrings! Attach two craftstore earring hooks where you would attach them to a keychain and then you can wear perry and his hat, and take them off for the grand “Perry the Platypus?!” reveal.

Please do not copy or repost this pattern. 

You are free to post pictures of, gift or sell the finished product. Credit to @ghostieolliecrochet or www.ghostieolliecrochet.nl is greatly appreciated.

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