Mallard friend

A free pattern by GhostieOllieCrochet

For the reference pictures I used ICE baby chenille yarn and a 6.0 mm hook. 

Different yarn and hooksizes will lead to a differently sized friend!

Terms and abbreviations used:

Mc – Magic Circle

Sc – Single Crochet
Inc/Dec- Increase/Decrease



These are the american terms

4 colours used:

C1 = Green

C2 = White

C3 = Brown

C4 = Orange

You can change whichever colour you like, these are just for the reference picture.

Beak C4

Chain 5, pull the yarn through

Wings C3 make 2

Chain 6

Sc 4, sc 3 in the last stitch, sc 3 on the other side, slip stitch in the last stitch

Body, start in C1

1. Mc 6

2. Inc *6 (12)

3. [Inc, sc] *6 (18)

4-6. Sc every stitch for 3 rounds

In your last stitch of round 6 change to C2

7. Sc every stitch for 1 round

In your last stitch of round 7 change to C3

You can attach your eyes and beak between rounds 6 and 7 now, or wait until when you add the wings.

8-11. Sc every stitch for 4 rows

12. [Dec, sc] *6 (12)

Add your wings betweenrounds 8 and 9, about a stitch farther out than the eyes.

Embroider little feet around row 11

Stuff your mallard 

15. Dec *6 (6)

Sew up butt, make sure all the ends are worked in

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