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Please do not copy, repost or sell this pattern. 

You are free to post pictures of, gift or sell the finished product. Credit to @ghostieolliecrochet or www.ghostieolliecrochet.nl is greatly appreciated.

For the reference pictures I used Ice Yarns Chenille and a 6mm hook. Different yarn or hooksizes will lead to a different size Pochita, very thin yarn will end up quite finicky.

Terms and abbreviations used:

Mc – magic circle

SC – Single crochet

Inc – (single crochet) increase

Dec – (single crochet) decrease

HDC – Half double crochet

DC – Double crochet

BO – Bobble Stitch -> I do bobble stitches with 4 double crochets in them, for more defined legs you could do more, or use triple crochets in the bobble stitch

These are the American terms

Orange, black/brown, gray (white for highlights if wanted)

Chainsaw (gray)

Chainsaw – Right 

1. ch 4 

2. sc 2, 4 sc into the final chain, (rotate, continue into other side of ch) sc, inc 

Chainsaw – L 

1. ch 4 

2. inc, sc, 4 sc into the final chain, (rotate, continue into other side of ch) sc 2 

sew sides of chainsaw together 

**when working with fluffy yarn, or if you don’t care much for right/wrong side of the work it is easier to make 2 right sides in my experience.

Body (orange)

Main body (orange) 

1. MC 6 (6) 

2. [Inc]* 6  (12) 

3. [Sc, inc]*6 (18) 

4-5. Sc 18 (18) 

6. Sc 3, BO, sc 2, BO, sc 11 (18) 

7-9. Sc 18 (18) 

10. Sc 4, BO, sc 2, BO, sc10 (18) (if not aligned move the bobbles by a stitch) 

11. Sc 18 (18) 

At this point you can sew on the chainsaw attach the eyes and choose a method for the snoot and then start stuffing him

The chainsaw goes on increase side up starting roughly below the magic circle going away from the legs

The eyes you can do to preference, I like them relatively low and a medium distance from the chainsaw for a derpy look.

I make a snoot by thickly embroidering in orange yarn on both sides of the chainsaw. When working with yarn that doesn’t layer as thickly a pattern tester suggested:

1. MC [sc, 2 hdc, sc] × 2 (8), 

2. sc 8   

Sew just below chainsaw 

After this you close up his body! Make sure he is rather firmly stuffed while doing the decrease rows.

12. [Dec, sc] *6 (12) 

13. Dec 6 (6) 

Close him up

Handle (brown/black) 

1. Chain 8 

2. Sc1, sc3 in one, sc 4 sc 3 in one, sc1 

Attach on back, I like to put it more towards the middle to help with his front heaviness, if standing up by himself is not a concern for your pochita you could pu the handle closer to the chainsaw.

**you can choose to make the handle and tail in a thinner yarn than the rest of your pochita, it makes the details more clear! In this case you would add a bit to the handle: 1. chain 12 2. sc2 sc3 in one, sc6, sc3 in one, sc 2 perhaps

Tail (orange and brown/black)

Orange section:

1. chain 3

2. hdc, dc

This should be a little triangle now!

Attach the brown yarn in the top of the triangle and chain

1. chain 15

2. slip stitch into the 7th chain from the hook and slip stitch down to the orange

you can again change the starting chain amount depending on the size of yarn used, make sure the amount of skipped chains is enough to create a little gap but not so big that it looses its cord resemblance.

Attach the orange triangle to pochitas butt, try to weave in the brown/black ends into the cord itself for a neater finish, if this isn’t working you can pull them through the middle of the orange triangle and then hide them in the body.

Optional finishing touches: embroidering highlights on the chainsaw, embroidering white around the eyes, adding eyebrows or blushies, using thinner yarn to embroider a mouth under the snout.

Now your pochita is finished! Take good care of him <3

Thank you so much @ayarnaboutcreativity @oddduckcrochet and @tristos_crafts_lab for pattern testing this plush!

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