Adoptables are discounted plushies with a name and story. There is only one of each unless stated otherwise.

Why are they discounted?
An order got cancelled and the plush needs a home -> note that if the adoptable is your cancelled order you cannot adopt it
The plushie is a tester, new design or has an imperfection -> this will be listed with the plush
It’s just a plushie that I made for fun, but don’t really want to keep for myself.

How much do adoptables cost?
Adoptable prices are still based on the hours it took to make and the prices of the yarn, stuffing and other supplies. I will usually round down the hours and then also round down the total price. If the plush has an imperfection there will be an additional discount. On average an adoptable is 10% cheaper than commissioning a plushie, so if there is one you like it is a good deal!

If you like an adoptable but want it in a different colour, yarn type or you want multiple of the same plush you can commission me instead

When your adoptable friend arrives feel free to leave a comment with your experience adopting them and what you think of them <3

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