Octo the spider *discounted


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Octo might look venomous, but she isn’t! It’s her defense mechanism, see, she is so friendly that she doesn’t want to fight anyone, so it’s safer for her to look a little scary. She’s actually very cuddly, she has many arms for hugging and loves to hang out in cozy places like your bed, couch, or desk. She doesn’t like being on the floor very much, it makes her feel small. Beware if you are ticklish, she can be a bit of a prankster.


*discounted because she cannot be fully washed due to her patch being put on with the wrong glue, if you clean her make sure to do spotcleaning or a careful handwash, no washing machine for her please.

Pattern by HookMasterCrochet

Contains small parts (eyes) not suited for young children

Do not give as a toy to pets (unsupervised), when ingested yarn can seriously harm or kill your pet



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