To commission something from me you can fill out the contact form!

If commissions are out of your budget consider adopting a plushie instead

For commisions I will make:

  • Plushies
  • Beanies/buckethats
  • Bags
  • Coasters
  • Small pixelart wallhangings/placemats
  • Laptop sleeves
  • Other things you might come up with yourself (like an awesome snakecozy in the shape of a donut :P)

I will make things based on my own patterns and the patterns of creators that have stated they are comfortable with works made with their pattern being sold.

I will not:

  • Make huge projects like blankets or sweaters
  • Make smaller clothing like croptops or bikinis that need very specific sizing
  • Copy something another creator makes so you can get it for cheaper

Commission rates:

To calculate the commission price I will use [Supply cost + shipping + (10-20/hour)]

Supply costs include yarn, stuffing, safety eyes/buttons, fabric inside for bags/laptop sleeves, and when applicable the purchasing cost of another creators pattern.

The hourly wage depends on some factors:

How quickly you need it done (rushed = higher price)

Wether the material limits when I can work (black yarn needs natural lighting to be decent to work with)

How complex the pattern is (if a pattern is so complex that I cannot listen to a podcast/watch a video in the background I’d charge more than something that needs barely any attention)

The buildup of this will always be explained to you beforehand. If a project has 2 distinctly different parts that would get different hourly rates we can agree to go for the average or time each part with seperate rates.

The minimum in advance payment is always the supply costs. I will give you total price estimation based on how long I think your item will take to make, if I am done faster your price will go down, if I take longer your price will not go up. I will also give you an estimation on when I can ship your item, I am not in control of the speed of the delivery company and because I am a human, your shipping estimation is not a guarantee. I try my absolute hardest to have all items finished in a timely manner and communicate with you clearly.

All payments must be finalised before your item is shipped and supply costs are non-refundable once I’ve placed the yarn order.